Is it ok to leak government secrets

When talking about sensitive and classified information, it can be said that all leaks are equal, but some are more equal than others. In the event that you are an informant like Edward Snowden, who educates the press concerning unlawful, corrupt or humiliating government activities, you will face time in prison. Yet, it’s frequently a completely different story for US government figures who are leaking data for their own political advantage.

The Obama administration safeguarded itself after the Edward Snowden incidents and disclosures by asserting that Snowden remained generally silent regarding his worries, and then he suddenly took them to the press. They claimed that this suggests that he was leaking data for self-serving reasons. However, an examination by VICE News a year ago demonstrated that Snowden really pushed genuinely hard for inward change before blowing the whistle.

There are legitimate channels for blowing the whistle. There is the Federal Whistleblower Agency, the Office of Special Council, which is an organization controller general, or the leader of an office.

When it comes to the Constitution, leaking is a sacred right. The First Amendment would require that the administration can’t keep individuals from whistleblowing about wrongdoing, waste, extortion, or abuse happening the in the government, on the grounds that the government and people have an extraordinary need to know about what is happening.

Leaks that uncover genuine government wrongdoing are protected by the constitution, but these days they are not really treated like that. When it comes to important issues, there are still people being punished for leaking classified information that uncovers immoral government doings. Recently there are more and more leaks coming from the White House, but most of them are political leaks pertaining to Trump and his actions. Especially when a political leak is a play to secure someone’s position and not an attack on the government, mostly there are no consequences. But sometimes people are prosecuted and harassed. So although it should be, not only ok, but good to leak some government secrets which people should know, it is still a risky move.