Five types of political leak and how to spot them

A political leak is defined as spreading secret information about a politician or political body. This information is often unfavourable, and there are multiple reasons why someone would leak information, and also multiple ways to do it. So if you’re interested in political leaks, here are five types of political leak and how to spot them.

The incredible leak

There is some leaked information which is just so darn hard to believe. You can spot these leaks by just how incredible they are. But of course, sometimes even when you wouldn’t believe some information, it turns out to be irrevocably true.

The karmic leak

It often happens that someone will try to leak some information, but despite the bombastic headlines it might bring, the newspapers and journalists refuse to publish the information, and seek to punish the leaker. This of course, most often happens if the information was leaked out of revenge or because of some lower motive.

The appropriate leak

When we find ourselves in the midst of a situation, sometimes you get the perfect leak at the perfect moment. This type of leak is the appropriate leak and it can be leaked information about someone trying to stop leaking, information about someone talking about leakers, or just some very appropriate information coming out at the right time.

The quotable leak

This type of leak is very easily recognized – it contains something that is very quotable. Although these types of leaks often contain lots of other information, to make a leak quotable, it has to have a short and quip part that can make the headlines.

The boomerang leak

A boomerang leak is a leak that ends up biting you in the backside. It is often that information is leaked and it looks as if it would favour one political entity, but ends up harming them instead. So the next time you see something leaked, you can easily spot if it’s a boomerang leak by the consequences it brings.

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